That’s why Aston Martin model names begin with the letter “V”

That’s why Aston Martin model names begin with the letter “V”

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Have you ever wondered why the British brand Aston Martin calls all of its sports models a word that always starts with the letter V? It turns out (although this is obvious), this is done on purpose – this is the strategy of the company.

Automakers spend a lot of money and time developing their cars. Funds are being made to always match the rapidly changing automotive market. Driving dynamics, impressions of the interior and overall aesthetic appeal, of course, are in the first place in the list of priorities when creating a car. The names of these same models are also important.

The British brand Aston Martin loves to use the letter V when referring to many of its cars. But why exactly this letter in such a priority? It turns out that the letter V carries a certain and very important meaning – it is with V that the names of the automaker’s models begin, which have exceptional and very high performance.

Now we will tell about each such model, and more precisely about its name. Let’s start with Vantage – there is such an English word that translates as excellence. Another model, Vanquish, is also an English word meaning to win or overcome. The British brand has a Vulcan model, which is called … well, everything should be clear here. This “term”, which was taken from Roman and Greek mythology, refers to fire and volcanoes.

Meanwhile, the latest hybrid hypercar Valkyrie got its name from the Norwegian mythological hero. To be precise, this is the daughter of a glorious warrior who flies on a winged horse above the battlefield and decides which of the soldiers to survive in the battle and who to die.