That’s what a parking lot looks like with thousands of abandoned diesel VWs

That’s what a parking lot looks like with thousands of abandoned diesel VWs

March 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

By February of this year, Volkswagen bought from the Americans more than 350 thousand diesel cars, spending on it about 7.4 billion dollars. All cars that the manufacturer buys from owners are stored at 37 sites across America. One of such huge parking lots, where tens of thousands of cars are stored, Reuters agency showed.

Volkswagen stores vehicles purchased from a diesel scandal on various sites: for example, on an inactive football stadium on the outskirts of Detroit, a former paper mill in Minnesota, next to the abandoned Silverwood stadium in Pontiac and even in the California desert.

At all sites, cars are stored temporarily and periodically undergo maintenance, remaining in good working order. In Volkswagen they expect to sell them in the secondary market (as soon as the US authorities approve repair measures) or export it.

For example, as of the end of last year, VW bought 335,000 diesel cars, resold 13,000 cars and disposed of another 28,000. By the end of 2017, on sites in the United States, a total of 294 thousand cars were stored.

Two years ago, VW agreed with the US authorities that the owners of diesel cars will be offered a choice: to sell them to the company or to give for free repair. In both cases, they are entitled to additional monetary compensation.

The fact that VW used a fraudulent scheme for the passage of environmental tests, it became known in September 2015. Around the world, dieselgate affects about 11 million cars. Companies face serious penalties for concealing data. The total amount can reach 90 billion dollars.