Thanks to Tesla in Norway electric cars went around selling cars with ICE

April 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Such a picture on the Norwegian car market, local analysts are watching for the first time. The share of environmentally friendly cars was 58%.

Norwegian motorists have cooled off to traditional cars, preferring to buy “green” cars. This conclusion was reached by experts of the Norwegian Road Association, who analyzed the alignment of forces in the local car market in March. It turned out that last month, sales of electric cars grew so much that they surpassed the performance of cars on gasoline and diesel. According to the latest statistics, we are talking about a share of 58% of the total number of cars purchased by residents of Norway. Achieved in March, the result of analysts called a record.

Recall, the Norwegian authorities are going to achieve the ubiquity of electric cars by 2025, banning the sale of new cars with ICE.

The popularity of electric cars in Norway is supported by various economic incentives. For example, exemption of electric cars from taxes. This policy has led to the fact that Norway is among the three countries with the highest sales of electric vehicles, standing in the same row with the United States and China. The weather on the Norwegian electric car market is made by Tesla, as well as the Japanese brand Nissan with its electric car Leaf. Thus, according to experts, the March growth in sales of “green” cars contributed, in particular, to an increase in the supply of the Tesla Model 3 model.