Thai police relocated to Tesla Model 3 electric cars

Thai police relocated to Tesla Model 3 electric cars

April 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla cars are surprisingly fast replenishing commercial fleets around the world.

Not so long ago, we reported that the Tesla Model 3 was approved for work in New York taxis, and Elon Musk himself announced that fully autonomous taxis would appear by the end of 2020. Moreover, electric cars are starting to appear in the police, and the Thai police department recently rented seven Model 3s.

They are all adorned with police livery, and each has a corresponding lightbar on the roof. Despite the fact that electric cars may not seem like the best choice in extreme cases, for example, with police pursuits over long distances, electric cars make sense for other purposes – more everyday police actions. The base reserve of the Model 3 is 400 km and this should be enough for regular city patrols, plus there is every chance that the cars are faster than what the police department used before.

The biggest drawback for police departments wishing to buy a Tesla for patrol service is their cost. Model 3 is not quite cheap, at least compared to traditional police cars. For this particular police department, the total cost was even more expensive. For 7 cars, the total rental amount was a staggering 89 million Thai baht.

For reference, the standard Tesla Model 3 costs $ 39,990. This means that at best, seven cars will cost the average buyer a little less than $ 280,000 – so why does the Thai police department pay 10 times more than ordinary Americans? Local taxes and regulations mean that Model 3 electric cars are incredibly expensive, even on leases. It is hoped that the department will save on fuel.