Tests of the new car upset Racing Point

Tests of the new car upset Racing Point

January 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Because of the new regulations, the team car for F-1 2019 lost a few seconds per lap and began to balance worse, writes the publication Motosport.com.

According to the new requirements of Formula 1 teams must prepare cars with a simplified design of the front and rear wings and other aerodynamic elements. Thus, the championship owners want to make the struggle between the participants on the track more interesting.

The first about the tests on the simulator told the team Racing Point. Technical Director Andy Green says that the changes according to the regulations have greatly affected the behavior of the car. “For us it was a big blow when a couple of months ago, when we first placed the car in a wind tunnel, we found a loss of two seconds per lap and a disgusting balance. It was terrible”.

Green adds: “Of course, we hope that something more positive will come out on the track during the fight. But, like everyone, we are trying to get out of this hole with new rules. What we finally got is not an absolute new machine, but something like that. ”

He also very much doubts that the racers will be able to closely approach each other on overtaking cars. According to the data they received, the effect is clearly not great.

Meanwhile, Jacques Villeneuve and Patrick Lemari launch a new youth program for F-4.