Testing the electric hypercar Rimac C_Two is in full swing

Testing the electric hypercar Rimac C_Two is in full swing

February 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the Croatian company RIMAC published a rather short teaser video, which is dedicated to testing two prototypes of the C_Two electric hypercar on the racetrack. Video marks a transition from development of what is called “on paper” to more “aggressive” high-speed trials.

  In the published video, there are a couple of prototypes of new items that drive along the racetrack. Based on the results of these races, the company’s engineers will study the behavior of cars at different speeds and loads. The suspension and overall handling are checked in one vehicle. The mission of car number two is the study of aerodynamics and the subsequent adjustment, as well as the study of the operation of the active elements of the C_Two aerodynamic body kit to create optimal performance.

None of the cars has a system of the other – a prototype called “active aero” does not have a modernized suspension and vice versa – therefore, each node of the car can be monitored and tracked separately. Thus, when studying the data obtained, they will not be able to overlap and confuse specialists.

 Judging by what we see in the video teaser, good test progress has been made.

Cars rush along the highway very quickly, and it seems that Rimac is devoting a lot of time to getting C_Two excellent handling. In addition, the video explains that it is important for their hypercar to be “obedient and easy to drive” at all speeds, and this is quite difficult, because the electrical installation of the new item can produce almost 2000 horsepower.

 The start of sales of the hypercar is scheduled for the end of this year. In a couple of weeks, an official presentation will be held at the Geneva Motor Show. There, the final name of the novelty with which it will be sold will be known.