Test McLaren Speedtail caught fire on the test

Test McLaren Speedtail caught fire on the test

June 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The premiere of the supercar McLaren Speedtail, which the company calls the spiritual successor to the legendary McLaren F1, was held in 2018. Currently, the novelty passes road tests before the production of client machines. But it seems that the work is not going very smoothly.

So, one of the car enthusiasts not only filmed the pre-series Speedtail on the road, but also captured the car during the incident. As the author of the video, McLaren stopped while driving, the driver jumped out of the cabin, covered with smoke, and discharged a fire extinguisher into the engine compartment.

The head of the communications department of McLaren, Roger Ormisher confirmed the incident and gave a detailed commentary on the situation captured on video:

“The McLaren Speedtail prototype, which got on the video, most likely had a malfunction in the electrics. The car stopped at a gas station near Gilford in Surrey, UK. The driver, noticing the smoke, drove the car away from the dispensers, and then, as a precaution, used a fire extinguisher to put out the alleged fire in the engine compartment. McLaren specialists have already restored this prototype and are now investigating the cause of the malfunction. As a result of the test incident, no one was hurt. “

According to McLaren, there was no fire – only smoke appeared. And a fire extinguisher was used just in case to extinguish the flame, if it was hidden behind clouds of thick smoke.

The machine is equipped with a hybrid power plant, in which a gasoline turbo engine and electric motors operate. The total power is 1035 hp From ground to 300 km / h, the hypercar accelerates in 12.8 seconds, which is 2.7 seconds faster than the McLaren P1. The total circulation of Speedtail will be 106 cars, all of which have already been sold. Customers will receive hypercars for $ 2,240,000 in early 2020.