Test KIA ProCeed – how did the newest KIA

Test KIA ProCeed – how did the newest KIA

February 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

When I saw the KIA ProCeed Concept at the Frankfurt Salon in 2017, I thought that this purple-red shooting brake would remain a bold and beautiful hint at future models of the brand. But a year later, the public showed the serial car!

Experiments with such a body are all the more surprising for the era of fashion for crossovers of all sizes and stripes. It would seem that creativity on this topic, and commercial success you provided. But either people from KIA know something, or they are big brave souls and experimenters. At the presentation of the KIA ProCeed, representatives of the brand urged us just in the first place.

The new ProCeed replaces the three-door ceed hatchback, and this step looks logical. The popularity of 3-doors hatchbacks falls, such machines are not very practical and are mostly interesting in the form of charged versions. Although such modifications are well dispersed in 5-door bodies.

Again wagon?

But the station wagon at KIA ceed already have! Do Koreans allow internal competition? Come to the aid of detailed marketing research. According to them, potential consumers have a request not only for the workhorse – the KIA ceed Sportwagon (SW) wagon – as the model is called in the company itself, but also for a more stylish body, interior and equipment options. And if the demand for hatchbacks in Europe drops slightly, then generalists do not experience such a problem.

Apparently it was with such calculations that marketers came to production workers. Without thinking twice, they offered their recipe for creating a new car: on the existing platform K2 (this is a new platform that formed the basis of the current generation CEED) and with the existing units “mounted” a new body. Therefore, the wheelbase of all three models of the family is the same: 2.65 m. But the other dimensions differ. ProCeed is the longest and most squat. Its elongated body is longer than the SW wagon by 5 mm and lower by as much as 43 mm – which makes the silhouette look swift and interesting. In addition, the clearance here is also understated. It turned out really very nice, without unnecessary pretentiousness.

They called such a body shooting brake. And let the original “shocking breaks” be two-door, with the light hand of Mercedes-Benz in 2012, the name received a rebirth and it is obviously getting accustomed.

Although the beautiful rounded feed is very similar to that of the Porsche Panamera! Witnesses have already called Proside “Panamera for the Poor”, and in the future similar nicknames will certainly increase. Well, KIA will not be the first to imitate the German brand, and borrowing is, you see, not the worst!

In the cabin

As we already understood, the equipment of the novelty should be at the level, so buyers were offered only the top configuration: GT-Line and GT. For comparison, the Ceed hatchback in front of them is still 3-4 levels of equipment, depending on the market. GT-Line and GT are distinguished not only by the list of options, but also by a bit of external styling and, most importantly, engines! I managed to ride on all available and now tell you what’s what. But first – the salon!

KIA ProCeed

And the most interesting thing in the KIA ProCeed is the design of the stern. How’s the trunk? And what’s in the back row? Will I be placed with a growth of 1.82? After receiving the test Prosid, first of all we throw our suitcases with a colleague. The sloping trunk lid is small, respectively, and the opening is small, and the threshold is high. But in displacement it is only slightly inferior to the station wagon – 594 liters of volume. Inside, there is a convenient transverse planner-organizer that allows you to split the compartment itself and press the luggage so that it does not dangle in turns. The trim inside is simple but solidly made. The backs of the back sofa can be folded in parts (40:20:40 ratio) with the help of a convenient key, and in a horizontal position they form a flat platform. So ProCeed baggage transportation is not alien at all. In the minuses, however, the high threshold of the trunk and its small opening.

I open the doors – they are here, the classic frameworks (the concept, I remind you, there were no frames) – and I sit on the back row. Yes, the doorway is narrowed, so that you have to be careful with your head, but otherwise there is no discomfort behind it. And most importantly – I freely fit in height, even a little space remains. The rest of the space as in the usual ceed. Not abundant, but enough by the standards of the class, yet this is the C or the maximum of the C + segment. The same with the comfort options: own air vents, door pockets, two-stage heated seats. And as an option may be a panoramic roof. How not to look, but all this feature is more for the rear passengers.

I am transplanted forward, and here there are no differences compared to ordinary Sid. The same front panel, devices, multimedia system … And if you take the same version, the same GT, then everything is identical, right down to the memory buttons of the driver’s seat and stitching with red thread on the door cards. We wrote about CEED in detail last summer, so who suddenly missed it – a link to the material above. Separately worth staying only on the seats. A total of four options offered and the coolest, with good lateral support and a combined finish (suede / leather) in the GT version. But on the GT-Line for an extra charge you can order the same.


For the first tests, journalists were given ProCeed with the entire motor line available today. And these are two petrol and one diesel engine. There were rumors about another gasoline engine, a liter, but they were not confirmed. I started my GT-Line version with a 1.4 T-GDI engine, deciding to “increase the degree” and leave a more powerful unit for later. The diesel was on the bench and, looking ahead, I would say that this prioritization turned out to be correct.

1.4 T-GDI produces 140 hp and he is already familiar to us from the CEED hatchback. Even the accelerating dynamics of them is the same – a little more than 9 seconds. For each of the engines offered as a manual transmission, and automatic transmission, and in this case it is the preselective 7DCT. And ProCeed was at my disposal just with such a checkpoint. With such a duet, the car is going well, the power and thrust of 242 Newton meters is enough for it on the autobahn with a fairly dynamic flow. Ascents, descents, turns – I do not lag behind the flow. But local drivers drive as if they are constantly late. But KIA ProCeed allows you to not fall out of the general rhythm, although the rapid silhouette of the car constantly attracts interested views. Yes, and bright colors – rich blue, red, light orange (I called it “carrot”). But there is no daring enthusiasm in such a modification, and attempts to spur the car do not respond to it by awakening a sleeping herd.

Although there is a Sport button here, which slightly changes the steering settings and makes the accelerator pedal more sensitive. Reconstructed in a different way and gearbox. This mode is well suited for the mountain road, which clearly serves as a local to drain the soul. Well, it seemed to us like that! And the warm-up on this road was a great prequel for races on the racetrack.

KIA ProCeed

It would seem, why KIA ProCeed ring, after all, this is not a racing coupe? The idea of ​​the organizers became clear when I got behind the wheel of a ProCeed GT with a 1.6 turbo engine with a power of 204 hp. Here, the dynamics are more cheerful, already 7.5 seconds before the “hundred”, and the steering is set differently, and the exhaust sound is juicier, and more importantly, the turns are more interesting! GT rides powerfully, confidently and very smoothly, with good traction throughout the rev range! Although purely on passport data for traction 1.6 is slightly higher than 1.4 – 265 N / m versus 242 N / m. Rescues the turbine, allowing the driver to feel the notes of sportiness.

A kind of revelation was the passage of gentle turns and sharp studs. The suspension suddenly turned out to be very well tuned! The car is virtually neutral understeer, and she perfectly spends turns, without giving the driver any surprises. The trajectory holds confidently and does not even heel very much, although the shock absorbers here are by itself not customizable. Although on normal roads low ground clearance (it is only 135 mm here) and 18-inch wheels make you be careful. Steering is also pleased with its ease and accuracy – ProCeed is very obedient in the taxiing, and the short rail does not force to do unnecessary movements with his hands. In general, a fairly good interpretation of the GT in the C-segment was obtained.

But the diesel version left mixed impressions. For the city, there is nothing, but there are not enough forces on the highway And for such a machine is not quite the right motor for me. But the flow with the “mechanics” – a little more than 5 liters in the city. Everybody loves in Europe! If they still buy diesel cars …

Summing up

Well, the courageous experiment of KIA is laudable and now it is impatient to see how marketers hit the target! For some reason, I recall the example of KIA Sportage, which many have scolded for the exterior, and as a result, the crossover has been a bestseller on the Ukrainian market for more than one year. Of course, ProCeed doesn’t make such bets, it is rather an image model, like Stinger. But this is not going to stop at the company. Already this year we will see a new KIA electric car, and in 2020 – a new product with a new body type.

If I chose the KIA ProCeed, then perhaps only the GT version. To look in harmony with the equipment and the main dynamics! In this configuration, this model will be the most meaningful. As for the timing of the appearance of ProCeed in the Ukrainian market, this will not happen before the second half of 2019.