Test Drive Infiniti QX60

Test Drive Infiniti QX60

September 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

More power, a new key, sensors under the bumper, chrome and a touchscreen – how the conveyor life was extended to a large crossover and what came of it

The underground parking at Carrer d’Antonio Ferrandis in central Valencia is mockingly cramped. Arrivals and exits there are so narrow that the Infiniti QX60 has to fold mirrors – it is impossible to fit in differently between the chipper and the high curb. Another hurdle for the big Japanese crossover is the marked up parking spaces. Thousands of Citroen Saxo, Peugeot 107, Smart and Opel Corsa feel very comfortable there, but at Infiniti it came to call over the marking line – otherwise you can’t leave the car. But the Spaniards did not appreciate such impudence: after half an hour, an old Nissan stuck to the Infiniti bumper-in-bumper. What we commonly call accidents in Spain is a common thing, after which no one will even say: “Por Favor”.

Infiniti is a stranger not only in tight Spanish parking, but also in Europe in general: the Japanese have already announced that they will stop selling cars in the Europe by 2020. “Almost” – because the production of Q30 and QX30 hatchbacks at the plant in the English Sunderland will be curtailed.

The new strategy has not yet affected the Infiniti QX60 – a large crossover that has been produced for eight years. During this time, he survived two restyling and even changed his name (until 2014 – JX). The current update is a few easy touches that will help the car hold out on the conveyor for some more time. And if you have never dealt with the QX60 / JX, then here is a detailed instruction on how to distinguish a crossover from a pre-styling option:

Look at the key – now it’s not the same as the Nissan

Infiniti owners complained about the injustice: their cars are much more expensive than Nissan, and the keys are the same. Infiniti explained: “The keys were copied by the Nissan, and not vice versa.” The problem was finally solved: now Infiniti has a new, larger key. He lies better in his hand and looks more elegant. Another thing is that you often don’t have to get it – in all trim levels, including the base, a keyless entry system has appeared.

Fog lights become LED

Do not even try to find the external differences of the updated QX60 – there are almost none. LED foglights and a couple of extra chrome pads – that’s probably all. Another thing is that for eight years the design of the QX60, if it has grown old, is not so much as that of some classmates. Slightly pinched feed, a long hood and an intricate bend of the window line at the rear pillar – all this is also true in 2019. Age gives only head optics. Headlights are too puffy, with large LEDs and straight sections – it seems that in a premium they don’t do that anymore.

Motor made a little more powerful

Infiniti and Lexus are the latest premium brands with large gasoline aspirated. Of course, gradually, both the one and the other company are switching to turbocharged low-volume ones, but the QX60 is a car of the old formation. So, here is the 3.5-liter V6: with great appetite, cool sound at the “top” and good performance.

The QX60 is still available in a hybrid version: a 2.5-liter Quartet + electric motor. In total, there are 250 hp, about the same dynamics as the gasoline version, but fuel consumption is about a third lower.

He added options

Infiniti has always had complete order with equipment: seat ventilation, voice control, panoramic roof, Bose speakers and more. The list of equipment QX60 once again revised, adding a few useful and not very things. For example, now in all trim levels appeared wood trim – well, that. But now the crossover can switch itself from the far to the middle, the fifth door can be opened with a kick and, finally, the modern multimedia system InTouch with an 8-inch screen has appeared. The screen is touch-sensitive, the responses are instantaneous, and the image from the cameras has finally lost its grain.

In general, the interior of the QX60 with a bulky front panel already, of course, requires a thorough alteration. On the other hand, being damn comfortable here. Padded seats with puffy backs, plenty of pockets, shelves, compartments and cupholders, indecent amount of legroom on the second row, a spacious third row and a large trunk even with full seating – this Infiniti can be a reasonable alternative, including a minivan.

Due to its own age, the QX60 competes rather than with the premium, but with the mass market, but here the alignment of forces is already different