Test drive Cadillac XT6

Test drive Cadillac XT6

May 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Large size, multi-seat interior, rich equipment, sophisticated all-wheel drive and a two-liter engine. Meet the new American crossover on African roads

That was before the pandemic. The Cadillac XT6 is like a large ship sailing along the channel-streets of Marrakesh. And the traffic here is raging: you often run the risk of crushing a sudden scooter or hitting a walking carriage with a harness of blinkered horses. We remember that the crossover monitors the interference and in the event of a dangerous approach to the object in front, it itself can dramatically slow down – a useful insurance. But with such large dimensions, traveling to the city crush is still difficult.

They created HT6 according to the well-known principle of “unification and augmentation.” The platform and many solutions are borrowed from the XT5 crossover, the base size of the “big brother” is similar, almost one to one. But the total length differs by 235 mm – the body is stretched up to 5 m, which made it possible to place the third row of seats. The company remains the largest

The front of the XT6 with spectacular techno-styling in the spirit of the Escala concept sedan and standard LED headlights suggests the times when Cadillac cars went beyond the general. You look full-face – color, style.

The driver’s seat without surprises, because in many ways repeats the XT5. “Multifunction” with automatic gearbox petals, an information-rich dashboard, a windshield projector, a “high-speed” central touchscreen, a climate control unit, a media system console on the tunnel – all this is familiar and like. Just as quickly pick up a comfortable fit. It seems that even a socket with touch buttons for heating and ventilating seats also crunches when pressed. Details of the situation are collected in the photo gallery – see.

Interestingly, in the middle row you can order a sofa or two chairs, the price does not change. On tests in Morocco, cars exclusively with seats. It turns out that sitting on such a row is not very comfortable. How much freedom is needed, but the chairs themselves are narrowish and harsh, their backs lack depth. Therefore, such a six-seater option does not look better than a seven-seater with a sofa. On the third row is an unexpected expanse. And it is important that the “gallery” does not rest on the fifth door, leaving a cargo volume of 357 liters, that is, about the trunk in a golf car.

And the engine volume … as if from a golf class. This is a gasoline supercharged two-liter unit, derated to a tax-efficient 200 forces. And for the sake of benefits, two of the four cylinders can be switched off periodically. The gearbox is also uncontested – an automatic 9-speed.

For a weighty crossover with a curb weight of 2176 kg, the capabilities of a turbo engine are enough. Yes and only. This is not a story when a car seems to be easier than it is when accelerating. But the acceleration is comfortable: the engine responds well to the movement of the gas pedal, and the box goes through the steps for the most part intelligently and smoothly.

It bothers that efficiency is actually so-so. Gasoline consumption on a board computer, depending on the driving style, ranged from eight to fifteen liters. And we lack the sound of a large engine suitable for the rich Cadillac. Inside, either quiet well-being, or a measured buzz growing with increasing speed. Want rich sound – turn on your Bose audio system.

A choice of two versions of the HT6. In addition to the standard Premium Luxury, Sport is also available. The sports crossover has less chrome and more black gloss, rims differ in design (they are invariably 20-inch in the model), adaptive shock absorbers are used in the suspension, the steering wheel is heavier. And Sport is a more sophisticated all-wheel drive system. If in the standard scheme the rear axle is connected by one clutch, then Sport has two couplings at the rear for separate connection of wheels.

The menu of driving modes begins with the basic “Tour” – front-wheel drive with the shaft off. Next on the list: “AWD”, somewhat nervous “Sport” and “Off-road”. We select the latter and try to diagonally cross a low, loose ridge, achieving hanging. Premium Luxury almost immediately hangs tight. But Sport with a complex drive slowly tries to overcome the obstacle. But on loose tires are expected to pass, and the carcass fails.

The car pendants at the presentation are extremely adaptive. For Premium Luxury, these are available in an optional package. Moroccan roads are different: from high-quality highways to broken and even crumbling serpentines. But test crossovers ride with constant shaking everywhere. The farther down the rows the seats, the stronger it feels. The front row is always bearable, but no vibrations are transmitted to the steering wheel.

Handling in a normal manner of driving is captivatingly normal. In response to the harsh action, the XT6 strives to go for demolition. The brakes were remembered for sloth – the car slows down reluctantly. Total driving qualities do not add any color or bright pluses to the crossover – average data.

The main advantage of the XT6 should be a favorable quality ratio of a premium car with rich equipment and its price against European and Japanese classmates.