Tesla’s smart electronics saved the driver from an unjust fine

Tesla’s smart electronics saved the driver from an unjust fine

December 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The budget of the owner of the electric car was saved by the TeslaCam system, which carefully monitors, and most importantly, fixes everything that happens around the car.

In the United States, the owners of Tesla Model 3 were fined for a violation that he did not commit. The policeman stopped the owner of the electric car for allegedly turning, forgetting to turn on the turn signal. The American did not agree with the accusation. Using the TeslaCam system, he was able to prove his case. And he told about everything that happened on his page on Twitter. It is known that the motorist turned left behind the pickup truck, and immediately after the maneuver he was stopped by a policeman, accusing him of not turning on the turn signal.

 The dispute was resolved by recording with TeslaCam, where in the reflection on board the pickup it is clearly visible that the Tesla Model 3 direction indicator has been activated. Such clear evidence helped the Tesla owner avoid a fine of $ 171.

 Recall that TeslaCam includes a large number of cameras that are actively using the autopilot system. However, they have another important function – recording in DVR mode, which is carried out continuously. As a rule, the material filmed in this mode helps Tesla electric car owners find those who cut them on the road or spoil the car in the parking lot. A similar feature of the Tesla Sentry Mode system: it responds to movement and noise and starts recording everything that happens outside.