Tesla’s safety test in real life: head-on collision

Tesla’s safety test in real life: head-on collision

May 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Elon Musk continues to say that Tesla cars outperform all other cars in terms of safety. Perhaps not in vain.

To believe in the unsurpassed safety of Tesla cars with each new accident is becoming increasingly difficult, but this is only because every accident involving vehicles of this brand is actively covered, and very one-sided. These cars are even accused of spontaneous ignition, and many auto drivers are credited with many errors.

Are there any facts confirming that things are so-so with the safety of Tesla cars?

The crash test results for these electric vehicles are flawless. But such tests are modeled and man-made. What happens if Tesla collides with a car traveling in real life? The answer to this question now too.

There was a video shot in Barcelona, ​​in which the Tesla Model S stood up very well during a head-on collision. The driver of the dark station wagon, distracted from the road or fell asleep, drove into oncoming traffic, where he casually hit a car traveling along the marking itself and then collided with a white Tesla electric car.

The blow was so strong that the dark car spun in the air, then was thrown to the opposite wall of the tunnel. A few seconds later, the Tesla owner got out of his car safe and sound. It is also known that, unfortunately, the wagon driver died on the spot.