Tesla’s on-board camera recorded how its body is scratched

Tesla’s on-board camera recorded how its body is scratched

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Built-in all-round camera captures the act of vandalism

The Tesla Model 3 side camera, operating in Sentry Mode, recorded how an unknown woman scratched the side of an electric car in a parking lot.

Nine on-board all-round cameras in Tesla electric cars sometimes manage to record completely unexpected scenes. For example, the web developer Alan Tweedy from the city of Broomfield in the US state of Colorado last Saturday got the opportunity to see how someone spoiled the paint on his Model 3. That morning, the owner of the blue Tesla, as usual, brought his daughter to school for training and stayed with her to watch the game. When he returned, he noticed a deep scratch all over the left side of the electric car and decided to watch the video from the built-in cameras.

It turned out that a woman passing by intentionally scratched the car with a key. Alan emphasized that Tesla was parked without violations and could not stop anyone. He posted the video on his social networks and called on the attacker to voluntarily compensate him for the repair of the paintwork, which local experts estimated at $ 2,000. Since this did not happen, the web developer contacted the police and handed over to the investigator a video recording of the incident.

Soon after, 57-year-old Maria Elena Gimeno surrendered and appeared at the police station with confession. She is charged with intentionally causing damage, which is a criminal offense. The standard security system called Sentry Mode runs on the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3, equipped with the Autopilot 2.5 hardware system. One of its functions is the ability to use all-round cameras to record video during parking an electric vehicle.