Tesla’s new plant in Europe could explode

Tesla’s new plant in Europe could explode

January 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Not far from Berlin, where the American company plans to build its Gigafactory, experts inspect the area in search of explosive objects.

German rangers visiting a site in a forest near Berlin, where the warning sign “Lebensgefahr” (“danger to life”) hangs. Precautionary measures are part of the plan to build the Tesla assembly plant, the most daring step of Elon Musk to expand into the European market.

Currently, workers with metal detectors have begun to inspect the territory, the size of which is about 200 football fields, in search of old wartime ammunition. This is the first stage of preparation of the site, where it is planned to produce up to 500 thousand cars a year.

Only after this, the workers will begin to clear the area of ​​trees and level the construction site. All this work should be done by the end of February.

Note that earlier it was planned to build a BMW plant in the small town of Grünheide, but the Bavarians chose Leipzig as a base for their base. This missed opportunity helped city officials quickly reorient when Tesla expressed interest in building its first European plant in Germany with a site intended for industrial use and providing easy access to the autobahn and railway lines.

The building itself will include a pressing workshop, a painting workshop and a seat production line. The total length of the structure will be almost 744 meters – almost three times the length of the Titanic. And there is enough space on the site for four such facilities. It is planned that the first Tesla electric cars will begin to roll off the assembly line in July 2021.