Tesla’s electric cars grow by 3% every year

Tesla’s electric cars grow by 3% every year

November 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Analyst Kevin Rook compared energy efficiency in Tesla models, as well as in the most popular electric cars of other brands. The stability of the improvements, for which owners sometimes only need to download a new update, is amazing.

Lithium-ion batteries are the most expensive and heaviest component of modern electric vehicles, so it is so important to evaluate the efficiency of using the energy stored in them. Higher efficiency allows you to make the car either more “long-range” or lighter and cheaper, says Electrek. Analyst Kevin Rook evaluated the progress in this area using Tesla models as well as electric cars of other brands.

Mask engineers improve efficiency by an average of 3% every year, and now Tesla is the leader in this promising market by a significant margin.

Hands rated efficiency as an indicator of battery capacity (W * h) per kilometer, depending on the weight of the car. The less capacity you need to spend, the better. For example, at Tesla Roadster, the first model, this indicator was around 110. Now Jaguar I-Pace and Audi eTron demonstrate similar efficiency.

But Tesla has gone far ahead during this time: according to Ruk’s calculations, as a result of recent updates, the energy efficiency in expensive Tesla – Model S and Model X – reached 73-74, and in the most popular Tesla Model 3 – 82 units.

“It is interesting to see how stable Tesla’s performance improvements are. Every year, Tesla cars use about 3% less energy than the previous year to travel the same distance (normalized for the weight of the car), ”says Rook.

Electrek columnist Fred Lambert believes that we won’t learn all the secrets of Tesla’s efficiency in the foreseeable future – all the more so as engineers develop the next generation of batteries in their own secret laboratory. However, he points out that Tesla, as far as it is known, is the only automaker that assembles batteries based on cylindrical batteries. Perhaps this is an important part of the scheme.