Tesla’s autopilot hitting a robot in Las Vegas turned out to be

Tesla’s autopilot hitting a robot in Las Vegas turned out to be

January 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An unpleasant incident with the robot Promobot and the Tesla car at CES in Las Vegas turned out to be a production.

After the publication of the video, which captured the impact on the robot, users noticed some details that indicate the implausibility of the story.

One of these details is the fact that the video does not show how the robot got on the roadway – the video starts from the moment Promobot is already on the road, and in just a few seconds Tesla knocks it down.

In addition, if you believe the information that was told by a man who was in an electric car, he was in the car as a passenger. However, who was the driver. After all, even with the autopilot turned on, there must be someone who will drive the car (the autopilot at Tesla does not replace the driver, but only helps him).

In addition, you can activate the autopilot mode only on the track, where there is good marking. That is, it is unlikely that the driver of a hurt Tesla robot could turn it on on a dark road.

All these facts suggest that the video presented was nothing more than an attempt by Promobot to draw attention to their development.