Tesla with millionth mileage found in Germany

Tesla with millionth mileage found in Germany

November 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In an interview with German reporters, the owner of the record-breaking electric car spoke about all the breakdowns and expenses that occurred during the operation of the car.

On the roads of Europe moves Tesla Model S P85, who managed to “run” a million kilometers. The electric car is owned by a German resident Hans Jörg Gemmingen. He acquired it from the 2014th year, when the mileage of an environmentally friendly car was only 30 thousand kilometers. This car was used for test drives. With the new owner, the car changed its purpose dramatically: Hans turned out to be a supporter of car tourism. For five years of traveling around Europe, the electric car has increased its mileage to an incredible figure with six zeros.

The owner posted the photo of the Tesla Model S odometer in his twitter account. In an interview with reporters from the German newspaper Bild, Hans said that his fourth engine was already on his Tesla. The former was replaced at 40,000 kilometers, and the latter at 320,000. All these works were carried out under the current warranty.

 Recall that the Tesla battery provides an eight-year warranty with no mileage limit. The electric car drove the first 290 thousand kilometers with its own battery, and for the next 250 thousand kilometers the car owner had to use a rented battery. At this time, the issue of recognition of the warranty case was considered. The company went towards the owner: today on his Tesla there is a third battery, which consumed only 20% of the capacity.

  As for other repairs, in five years the Tesla Model S had to dashboard up the front suspension, change the shock absorbers and touch screen, repair the sliding door handles and the battery cooling system. All these manipulations cost the owner of Tesla 13 thousand euros. At the same time, every 50 thousand km Tesla Model S received new tires, and every 400 thousand km – the brake discs changed. Hans plans to increase the mileage of the Tesla Model S P85 to one million miles! This is about 1.6 million kilometers.