Tesla wins information thief case

Tesla wins information thief case

September 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Two years ago, Tesla’s internal documents leaked to the Internet, according to which the Nevada Gigafactory allegedly produces “colossal amounts” of waste.

Documents published by Business Insider state that “for every 2,500 battery packs and drive units that leave the Gigafactory, an additional 1,000 pieces of ‘non-compliant material’ are created. Half of them will be recycled and invested in other car parts. The other half becomes scrap metal. ” Experts estimate that the company spent $ 150 million on scrap, but Tesla did not confirm this figure, saying that high scrap rates are “what we planned and this is a normal part of production growth.”

Tesla analyzed the source of the leak and identified Gigafactory employee Martin Tripp. CEO Elon Musk took a personal interest in the case and wrote a memo stating that Tripp was involved in “widespread and destructive sabotage” and shared information with “unknown third parties.” The company fired Tripp and sued him in 2018 for $ 167 million.


Now it looks like the case ended with a victory for Tesla. Details are scarce, but court documents confirm Tesla won the lawsuit, Reuters noted, with Tripp admitting to hacking into the company’s production operating system, transferring several gigabytes of Tesla data to third parties, and false media claims. Unfortunately, we may never know the details, since the case was closed at Tesla’s request. The court said there were “good reasons” for this and the motion was not met with objections.