Tesla will update its most affordable electric car

Tesla will update its most affordable electric car

September 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla is going to release an updated version of its own most budgetary electric car – Model 3. This information on Monday, September 14, shared the portal The Driven, based on the Chinese press.

So, on Twitter Tesla_Mania notes that the car will get significant changes in design, new optics, a different steering wheel and a different center console, in addition, it will get rid of some of the chrome elements.

Along with this, the specialists of the American brand intend to improve the sound insulation of the car and equip the trunk with an electric drive. In addition, an improved proprietary FSD function is expected, which will allow the car to independently respond to traffic lights, overtake and move in difficult conditions of city traffic. Finally, the car should borrow the Model Y’s cooling system and heat pump instead of the electric stove.

In the fall of this year, Tesla Model 3 electric cars should begin to be produced at a new car plant in Shanghai, from where cars, in addition to the local market, will be supplied to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Deliveries can start late this year or early next year. Surely, the production of a restyled model will be carried out.

In addition, it was recently reported that the Tesla Roadster electric sports car launched into orbit was called space debris. It should be emphasized that the electric car played the role of a payload mockup for the Falcon Heavy rocket.