Tesla will teach its electric cars to shift gears on their own

Tesla will teach its electric cars to shift gears on their own

July 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The new option will be named Auto Shift, and owners of electric cars of the brand with the Full Self-Driving branded autopilot will have access to it.

Tesla electric cars with proprietary autopilot will be able to change gears themselves thanks to the new Auto Shift function. The head of the company Elon Musk told about this in his Twitter account. In the meantime, only the new Tesla Model S is entitled to a new option.

The electric car itself can determine the desired trajectory – forward or backward – and give the command to the transmission. The driver himself will be relieved of the need to somehow interact with the gearbox selector. Over time, a new function that helps the electric car to independently determine the direction of movement will appear in the arsenal of more budget Tesla with autopilot – Model 3 and Model Y.

And future Tesla cars will teach how to predict the desires of passengers to get out of the car – the parking mode will be activated automatically. In less than a few years, this function will evolve, and the brand’s electric cars will be able to perform a U-turn in a confined space, experts of the Teslarati edition are sure.

Now the proprietary FSD autopilot is presented in its most advanced ninth version. This software debuted last month.

Electric cars leave the factory with the equipment necessary for the autopilot to work. However, it is activated for money. It is possible that the Auto Shift function will also be triggered by air.