Tesla will send your photo into space if you bring a friend to buy an electric vehicle

Tesla will send your photo into space if you bring a friend to buy an electric vehicle

October 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

If you are incredibly pleased with the acquisition of your Tesla, and can not stop bragging about it, then think that your words can be converted into something more. Convince a friend to buy a car, and your portrait will be sent to space forever.

Tesla Corporation has announced a unique referral campaign, in which it is proposed to send your photo, into space, almost into eternal orbit around an asteroid, satellite or a planet. While everyone is waiting for news of a meeting with an unearthly civilization, everyone has a chance to forever capture his name and face in the history of space exploration, thanks to a proposal from Tesla and SpaceX.


Many companies have their referral programs, offering their customers some bonuses and privileges if they bring friends, or someone for the purchase of their car, or other goods. But when a corporation has many diverse companies – the proposals can impress.

Tesla does not lag behind other companies, and could offer discounts of $ 100 on a new set of rubber for a new buyer, but decided again to surprise everyone. And so, the officially registered referral will get his chance to stay in history. His portrait will be engraved on the glass of the satellite, which will be sent into space into the orbit of one of the asteroid or the planet.

Unfortunately, it is not yet specified where exactly the satellite will be sent, and even when it will be done. In order to qualify for an opportunity to get into space, albeit in the form of a portrait, you need to bring a friend for the purchase, who will indicate your name in the documents. Moreover, the order must be paid and issued before December 10, 2018, and it must also be completed by this time.

And it is worth clarifying that the action does not apply to Tesla Model 3. That is, we are talking only about premium models Model S and Model X.

In addition, the company offers $ 100 equivalent bonuses for the first referral. For the second referral, it is possible to get a limited black connector for charging (available only by referral program), and also gives $ 500 in bonus equivalent.

For the third referral offers unique alloy wheels for 22 inches Arachnid. As well as the opportunity to test the new version of Model S or Model X during the week. For the fourth client listed, priority rights are given to receive software updates, and the fifth referral gives VIP client status, an invitation to a private event, and your name will be recorded in a special Tesla leaderboard.

Of course, the offer is valid only where the company is officially present.

In the meantime, the Tesla Model 3 is one of the most rush and talked about modern cars. Moreover, new facts are increasingly stir up interest in the model. Now the car passed crash tests according to NHTSA and won the title of the safest car.