Tesla will reduce the number of colors available for its electric vehicles

Tesla will reduce the number of colors available for its electric vehicles

September 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Already on this Wednesday, September 12, Tesla refuses to release models of two colors at once. At this step, the American company went in order to simplify the process of manufacturing its electric cars as much as possible. It is known that from the color palette, which used to include seven stylish shades, the deep black with glossy luster “Obsidian Black” and “Metallic Silver” will disappear.

The day before, on September 10, in its twitter account, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that since September 12, two colors out of seven colors will be removed from the color palette available for the brand’s electric vehicles. It’s about shades under the names “Obsidian Black” and “Silver Metallic”. By removing these colors from production, the manufacturer intends to simplify the production of cars.

Elon Musk assured the fans of the brand that these stylish shades do not sink into oblivion. To paint the electric car in these colors it will be possible under the special order. At the same time, the client should be prepared for the fact that the cost of such an upgrade will be very high.

The refusal of the company from two shades will not affect the owners of Tesla cars, whose painting was carried out using these two colors. So, answering the question of one of the Internet users, Musk noted that there will be no problems with repairing the clients.

Recall last month, the American company published a report for the second quarter of this year. It turned out that Tesla suffered record losses of $ 717.5 million against $ 336.4 million a year earlier.

Previously, analysts estimated that the budget electric car Tesla Model 3 brings the company losses: with each such car Tesla loses nearly 6 thousand dollars.

Tesla will reduce the number of colors