Tesla will recall more than 14 thousand cars from China

Tesla will recall more than 14 thousand cars from China

January 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American automaker Tesla will recall a total of 14,123 cars from the Chinese market because of the airbags, which, as it turned out, contain some of the elements produced by the bankrupt Japanese company Takata.

Tesla Model S cars manufactured from February 4, 2014 to December 9, 2016 are subject to recall. Review will start from April 4th.

The control message states that the passenger side airbags in the designated batch of cars are equipped with Takata gas generators based on ammonium nitrate without a desiccant, they have a high risk of breaking into pieces and injuring those in the car. Tesla intends to replace all airbags.

In June 2017, Takata declared bankruptcy and the transfer of cases to the American company Key Safety Systems. In November last year, the companies signed an agreement according to which KSS acquires the majority of Takata assets for $ 1.588 billion.

In 2014, the Japanese company was in the center of a scandal due to the fact that, as it turned out, its airbags may spontaneously open up in the process of moving the car. To rectify faults worldwide, millions of vehicles were recalled.

Takata was established in 1933 in Japan and eventually became the largest supplier of components for car security systems. In January, a US federal court indicted three top managers of Takata Corporation for providing false information about airbag testing to automakers.