Tesla will present something very interesting this Friday.

Tesla will present something very interesting this Friday.

May 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Tesla is preparing to make some very important announcement this coming Friday in China. And the press service of the brand has already started teasing us with the first teaser.

 A couple of minutes ago, on the official website of the Tesla company on the Weibo social network a teaser was published which contains the date “2019.05.31”, as well as a blurred image … of something. At the moment it is difficult to say what it is. But we have a few guesses.

So, the first option. This Friday, we will be shown a special version of the Model 3 and Model S sedans or the Model X crossover, which will be designed for the Chinese market. Such a vehicle could boast a unique exterior and interior trim to become more attractive for this country. I must say that this practice is quite common among well-known automakers. The largest automotive market in the world is the Chinese market.

However, what Tesla “shows” here is somehow related to the upcoming construction of a new Gig factory in Shanghai.

Construction began in January, and a video published earlier this month shows that impressive progress has been made. In fact, it seems that most of the exterior of the facility was built, and Tesla could start producing cars at the facility as early as September.

Tesla is currently starting a significant expansion throughout China and intends to produce basic versions of the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover in this country. It is expected that the Shanghai Gigafabrika will be able to produce up to 500,000 vehicles per year.