Tesla will open up a network of charging stations for other brands

Tesla will open up a network of charging stations for other brands

July 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

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Elon Musk told about his plans in his Twitter account.

American startup Tesla will open a network of charging stations for other brands. This is reported by the resource autoexpress.co.

Despite his statement, Musk did not clarify on his Twitter page about the exact timing of the appearance and exact details. First of all, it is completely unclear in which countries this large-scale project will be implemented.

Recall that before that, the Tesla Supercharger network of stations specialized only in startup models. For this, the brand had to make a unique charger. However, Tesla recently switched to Type 2 and CCS unified connectors, but other electric vehicles still could not charge at specialized stations. This time, the limit was set at the hardware level.

Additionally, it is not clear how the charging payment will take place. After all, all invoices are issued to the owners of American electric vehicles on their personal Tesla account. It is likely that the company will be able to provide its stations with contactless payment facilities. Payment calculations are based on the amount of energy consumed by the consumer and the charging speed.

At the moment, the network of Tesla Supercharger stations has 25 thousand units around the world, which should make life easier for owners of other electric vehicles. Interestingly, according to SMMT estimates, in order to meet the demand for electric vehicles, countries must install 700 gas stations daily. So far, this figure is equal to 42 copies per day.