Tesla will not collect a million cars by 2020

Tesla will not collect a million cars by 2020

August 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

This is the opinion expressed by the head of the company Ilon Mask at a press conference when he was reminded of his long-standing promise. Meanwhile, auto sales statistics in the US show a significant advantage of Tesla Model 3 over five of its main competitors.

During a conversation with journalists at a recent press conference, a representative of the Wall Street Journal asked about the promise of Elon Musk and Brian Strobel (technical director of the company) given a year ago. In 2017, we recall, a rather bold statement was made that by 2020 the manufacturer will produce 1,000,000 electric cars.

Now the leaders more soberly look at the situation and have already announced a figure of 750,000 electric cars by the specified date. The maximum number that can be expected is 800,000 units. Despite the recognition of the error, the company’s shares after a small decline again stabilized, which indicates a more investor confidence.

This is indicated by the fact that an unsuccessful quarterly report with a loss of $ 717 million did not particularly affect the shareholders’ opinion. Needless to say, because Mask promised to make Tesla profitable and against the backdrop of current statistics, it seems really a more realistic promise that a million cars in three years. We note that the company’s shares again head and shoulders above the largest US corporation General Motors.

So, in the period from May to July in the States sold more than 13,000 electric cars Model 3, and this, for a minute, more than during the same period sold cars Mercedes-Benz C-Class (3.8 thousand copies), Audi A4 (3,4 thousand copies), BMW 3-Series (3,2 thousand copies) and Lexus IS (2,1 thousand copies) combined – 12,500 units. Such data was provided by the foreign portal Insideevs.

In addition, according to these data, Tesla bypassed sales of Mercedes-Benz sedans – 8 500 copies. With the German crossovers, of course, the total number still outstrips the Americans – 20,000 cars. But as the specialists of the publication notice, mass representatives of the mass segment, such as Ford and Chevrolet, do not have an independent model that could be implemented as well as Model 3.