Tesla will come up with the design of spaceships

Tesla will come up with the design of spaceships

August 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American electric car manufacturer posted an interesting announcement on its official website about the search for a new employee. The brand has opened a vacancy for a designer, whose duties will include not only the development of the design of cars, but also of spaceships.

This interesting fact is reported by Electrek. Tesla appears to be planning a more diversified partnership with SpaceX. Let us remind you that this American company specializes in the aerospace industry.

Key figures in both companies are Elon Musk, whose interest in the space industry is well known. Today Tesla and SpaceX are actively exchanging personnel and also producing equipment for each other. In the future, the companies are going to present innovative materials that can be used not only on Earth, but also in space.


The job description says that the automaker is looking for a professional who can be trusted to work on the appearance of electric cars.

At the same time, it is emphasized that other tasks may be put before the applicant: creating a design for spacecraft, for example. The new employee will work at the brand’s California design studio.

We will remind, earlier Tesla accused Rivian of stealing its developments. Both companies specialize in the production of electric vehicles. Tesla is confident that a rival firm managed to obtain confidential information from their former employees.