Tesla was not allowed to participate in the auto show.

Tesla was not allowed to participate in the auto show.

March 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla had to miss an auto show in Kansas City, as local dealers did not allow the automaker to participate. To support their favorite brand, the owners of electric cars organized their own mini-car dealership in the parking lot at the exhibition complex.

Tesla’s problem with the organizers of the exhibition arose because only dealers were allowed to participate, whose showrooms are within a radius of 16 kilometers from Kansas City. A Tesla dealership is located 18 kilometers away. The organizers did not turn a blind eye to such a slight discrepancy and refused the company.

The loyal customers of the brand and its fans came to the rescue. They figured out how to take revenge on the organizers: they drove electric cars to the exhibition center and conducted free test drives for all visitors to the car dealership.

In total, they drove in cars about 130 people who came to the car dealership. According to some reports, they managed to interest at least several of them in buying an electric car.