Tesla Updated Powerwall to Charge a Car During a Power Outage

Tesla Updated Powerwall to Charge a Car During a Power Outage

April 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Electric cars will no longer fight with your home for precious electrons.

Powerwall Tesla gives homeowners the ability to store energy produced by solar panels or at off-peak times for later use to power their home or charge electric vehicles. The problem was that if the car was connected to a giant battery on the wall, it could potentially pick up all the electricity, but the released update for Powerwall makes it a little smarter.

If you are the owner of Tesla and Powerwall, then in the Tesla application you can set the threshold for the transfer of energy from Powerwall to the car in various scenarios. If everything is OK with the grid, the car charges as usual. But if the power is turned off, Powerwall regulates its output.

For example, if there is a power outage and the demand in the house is low, the vehicle will be charged with excess power while maintaining the amount of electricity and maintaining the house in working condition.

If the demand from the house is high, the Tesla tariff is reduced to further prioritize the house. If at any time the Powerwall’s charging state falls below the owner’s threshold during a power outage, Powerwall will completely stop charging the vehicle. Therefore, if you use the application to set the threshold value to 80 percent, Powerwall will only charge your Tesla until the Powerwall charge state reaches 79 percent.

Updates for Tesla and Powerwall were needed to make this a reality. Currently, the system works with Model 3 and Model Y. The company says that updates for Model S and Model X will be available soon.

Updating is especially important for people living in California. The fire season is approaching, and with this the state again expects that it will be cut off to prevent fires in power lines. During these outages, thanks to the renovation, the house can be prioritized over the vehicle.