Tesla truck filmed on the road. It seems they forgot to put the driver in him

Tesla truck filmed on the road. It seems they forgot to put the driver in him

July 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The prototype is driving on a highway in California and it looks like he is driving himself.

Two months ago, a video was published on the Web in which a prototype of an electric Tesla Semi electric truck was driving along a highway in California. We noticed the video just now, and at the same time, users noticed that driving a car seems to be lacking a driver.

Most likely, this effect is the result of a successful reflection in the windshield, which created the optical illusion. In fact, the driver most likely sits on the spot, and at the end of the video you can even see two lights that look like reflection of eyes. If Tesla had put a drone without an insurer behind the wheel on the road, this could turn out to be serious problems for the company from the government and a potential ban on road tests of autonomous systems.

The Semi truck has already passed the load capacity tests: in late June, it was caught on a California highway with a loaded semi-trailer. Judging by the video published then, the electric tractor carried nine concrete blocks of 1,800 kilograms each, that is, in total, the car was carrying a weight of more than 16 tons. According to preliminary data, the capacity of the serial Semi should be of the order of 20-23 tons, depending on the modification.

Two modifications should go on sale: Standard with a power reserve of 480 kilometers and Lang Range with a reserve of 800 kilometers. Tesla promises to start production of trucks before the end of this year, now the manufacturer has opened a pre-order for the truck. It is possible to take a place in the queue for an electric tractor for $ 150,000