Tesla to suspend operations at main plant in California

Tesla to suspend operations at main plant in California

July 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The measure will be temporary and related to the re-equipment of the line for the assembly of new machines.

US electric car maker Tesla is about to shut down its main facility in Fremont, California. According to the Electrek portal, the reason for the shutdown is the need to put into operation an additional line to increase capacity. The process has already begun, according to sources.

Knowing how quickly Tesla is putting its factories into operation, the downtime promises not to be very long. The new assembly line should be designed for the Model Y crossover, which has just started production. In addition to assembling the electric cars themselves, Tesla’s main plant produces various components. The enterprise is very large – it employs about 10 thousand workers.

The second quarter of this year turned out to be very successful for Tesla – despite the coronavirus epidemic, the company’s car deliveries amounted to 90.65 thousand units, which is 2.5% better than the result of the first quarter.

Earlier it became known that Tesla has reduced the cost of the new Model Y crossover. Now the price of the new crossover looks very attractive.