Tesla teaches electric cars to search for a parking spot on their own

Tesla teaches electric cars to search for a parking spot on their own

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The recent Summon feature didn’t impress the Tesla owners very much – if only, they thought, the car itself would not only come from a parking space, but also look for it. Musk listened to the advice of customers and promised to roll out such a function this year. He confirmed to his Twitter subscribers that work on the parking space search mode and automatic parking is in full swing.

Releasing an update last year that included the Smart Summon feature, Tesla significantly expanded the autonomy of its electric vehicles, although it was still a long way from the promised full autopilot. The owner got the opportunity to call the parked transport from the parking lot, waiting for the car to drive up to the driver.

This feature worked relatively well, although not all users found it useful. On the other hand, many advised to teach the car to park on their own, having previously landed passengers and the driver in a convenient place. That would be really useful, writes Electrek.

The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, already announced in early March that the autopilot will be substantially redesigned, that he will have new functionality, and also hinted at the appearance of the auto parking option, but now he has notified all readers of his blog on Twitter about this.

He said that the company is “super-active” working on a system for recognizing traffic lights and brake lights, as well as on the Reverse Summon mode, which will be part of the autopilot update planned for this year.

The update will also introduce a better three-dimensional marking system. Musk describes it like this: “This is when the car enters the scene with eight cameras and as if draws a path, and then you can mark this path in 3D.”

All these innovations bring Tesla closer to its cherished goal – complete autonomy and turning electric vehicles into robotic cars, after which they will begin to make profit for their owners. After that, a new robotaxi business will appear on the site of the previous company, and electric cars will cost several times more than “ordinary” cars.