Tesla sues Donald Trump administration

Tesla sues Donald Trump administration

September 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The automaker demands to cancel the increased tariffs on Chinese auto parts and return the money already paid

Tesla applied to the American Court of International Trade, which is located in New York, with a demand to declare illegal the decision of the administration of President Donald Trump to impose increased tariffs on the import of components from China. Tesla wants to achieve not only the cancellation of these tariffs, but also the return of the money already paid, writes Bloomberg.

As part of Trump’s trade war with China, Tesla was hit primarily by the fact that the PRC authorities sharply raised customs duties on the import of cars into their country. However, with the launch of the Gigafactory in Shanghai, this problem was solved. Recall that the Tesla plant in China became the first automobile enterprise in the Middle Kingdom, which is 100% owned by foreigners.


Now Tesla intends to achieve the abolition of duties from the United States. The automaker believes that the measures taken by Trump are harming not so much China as the production of electric vehicles in America itself.

Now from China to Tesla’s plant in California, on-board computers and displays for Model 3 sedans are supplied. Tesla cars in general have the highest level of localization among all cars produced in the USA.