Tesla sues Chinese media over negative reporting on Shanghai plant

Tesla sues Chinese media over negative reporting on Shanghai plant

January 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The authors of the devastating article for the American electric car manufacturer Tesla refer to information obtained during a conversation with former and current Tesla employees.

Tesla has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese media after negative material on the Shanghai Gigafactory came out in late December. The article was published by PingWest.

The article told about the working conditions at the plant, about the problems of quality control and other problematic aspects. Tesla China employees, both former and current, told reporters that Tesla is deliberately lowering quality standards. This is how the brand moves towards achieving its production goals. And one of the interlocutors of the publication told about a case when defective auto components were deliberately installed on a serial electric car.

According to another Tesla employee currently working for the company, instead of looking for more reliable suppliers (the current ones cannot handle the load and give out defects), the company has lowered its quality control standards. Previously, during the pre-sale control, the electric car had to get 80 points. Now this bar has been lowered to 60. Tesla workers are also not satisfied with the lack of power at the factory.

The manufacturer reacted to the article with a lawsuit, writes Global Times. Tesla China’s vice president of external affairs Tao Lin denied all charges.

However, PingWest is not going to deny the printed, citing its credible sources.

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