Tesla stopped selling the cheapest version of Model 3

Tesla stopped selling the cheapest version of Model 3

February 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The basic version of the Tesla Model 3, which cost was $ 35,000,

Model 3 for 35 thousand dollars with a standard battery has disappeared from the Tesla site. Now the most affordable version on the site has a price of $ 42,900.

It should be noted that fans of the company had to wait long for Tesla to fulfill its promise to bring Model 3 to the market for $ 35,000. Immediately after this, hundreds of thousands of customers left a pre-order and made a deposit.

Tesla Model 3 production began in 2017. The company’s CEO, Ilon Mask, promised that the cheapest version will appear until mid-2018, but the launch of the entry-level model was postponed until an indefinite period. Now any mention of this model has disappeared from the site. Until recently, the site also reported that a standard battery would arrive in “four to six months.” However, now only the batteries of medium and long range are listed there.

The news of this disappointed fans of the company, especially those who are waiting for Model 3 on pre-order. It is not yet known what the fact of the disappearance of the model from the site means. The company declined to comment on the changes on the site, which also did not become a good sign for Tesla customers. Meanwhile, the company has been notorious for its many and long delays. In a recent conference call with analysts, Musk announced that the Model 3 would be available around mid-year, but this didn’t sound very convincing.

“We want to present the standard version of the Model 3 somewhere in the middle of this year – this is a very rough estimate. We make every effort to improve our production costs, overhead costs, just the costs in general, ”said Ilon Musk. Apparently, this means that for the time being, a company that was most recently close to bankruptcy simply cannot afford to sell Model 3 for $ 35,000. Recently, Tesla had to cut 3,000 employees. Then it was served as a necessity for the budget sedan to become a viable project.