Tesla started selling used electric cars Model 3

Tesla started selling used electric cars Model 3

June 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Currently, only residents of San Francisco can take advantage of the new service, but over time, if there are enough cars with dealers, the sales geography will expand.

On the official website of Tesla, you can buy used Model 3. Those who want to buy an electric car with mileage will no longer have to buy a car with it, hoping for the decency of its former owner. Every used electric car checked immediately on 70 parameters! Also, as reported on the Tesla website, all vehicles are guaranteed for two years and 80,000 kilometers, or four years and 160,000 kilometers.

For now, only fans of “green” cars from San Francisco can buy electric cars with mileage under the new scheme. It is planned that over time the cities will become more, as well as expand the range.

 Of course, the cost of a car with mileage at the dealer will be higher than that of a similar electric car “with hands”. The difference with the new car is about 15-20 thousand dollars

Meanwhile, the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, spoke about the work of their engineers on the submarine car from the James Bond cult film.