Tesla sold control units with personal data of drivers

Tesla sold control units with personal data of drivers

May 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The programmer who bought some of the old Tesla infotainment systems made a shocking discovery.

Tesla allows owners to upgrade Model X and Model S cars with old infotainment systems with newer versions of the multimedia control unit that offer higher performance, streaming video services and playable video games that are not available in the Tesla first generation infotainment system. Earlier versions of the ICE Tesla Model 3 block also do not support the Tesla fully autonomous driving package.

However, the software specialist made an unexpected discovery when he bought four Tesla multimedia control units on eBay. He found that they contain personal information of the previous owner.

“Each module purchased contained the owner’s home and work address, all saved Wi-Fi passwords, calendar entries from the phone, call lists and address books from paired phones, Netflix and other stored session cookies,” Green said.

Obviously, this is a huge security risk, since session cookies stored by Netflix and Google can allow hackers to crack user accounts, and Spotify passwords found were stored in clear text rather than encrypted. Green received three blocks from Tesla Model 3 and one from Model X. Although the last block was damaged, the data could still be recovered.

Tesla did not respond to a request to declassify the disposal of old MCUs, but sources claim that technicians either throw away replaced computers or “hit them with a hammer” several times before throwing them away, which obviously does not destroy the data. Using the data, Green was able to contact all four owners and talked about the problem. One of the owners expressed extreme concern about the availability of their data to anyone.

“Tesla did not contact me about data breach. They had to do this, and I consider them responsible for it, ”he said. “I also feel that they should be responsible for this violation, especially if it happened to others. Despite this, I believe in Tesla and what they are trying to do. I do not want to harm this anyway. While I’m offended and a little shocked, but I really love my car and this company. “