Tesla simplified the use of autopilot in Model 3

Tesla simplified the use of autopilot in Model 3

April 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Tesla has released a new update for the electric vehicle Model 3, in which it added the ability to control the functions of the autopilot with the buttons on the steering wheel. Previously, you had to use a central display.

From now on, the right button on the steering wheel is responsible for setting the active cruise control: scrolling up and down changes the speed, pressing left and right – the distance to the vehicle in front. In addition, the possibility of control via the display and voice commands remained.

The buttons on the steering wheel also feature another function – the position of the side mirrors and the steering column. To do this, select the corresponding menu item on the central screen.

Despite the improvement of the autopilot and other functions, Tesla still has problems with reaching the planned production volume of Model 3. In March this year it was reported that the backlog from the plan is associated with a large number of defective parts that the company has to restore.