Tesla showed the Model 3 build process on the conveyor

Tesla showed the Model 3 build process on the conveyor

December 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In spite of the fact that there were a lot of rumors about numerous violations on the Web, Tesla leaves for a planned level of production about marriage and delays in production. In confirmation of this, a video of the Model 3 build process was released.

Apparently Elon Musk corrected the initial error of his plant with excessive automation of the process. At least in the released video, we see the Model 3 build process in an accelerated mode, which shows that the participation of people remained at a high level. Unfortunately, the process of painting and body assembly was not shown to us, focusing on the assembly of the interior.

Judging by the build process, many processes are truly automated and are carried out in a modular way. That is, the front panel is installed with the help of two robots already in a fully assembled state. Next is the installation of the wiring and the remaining trim.

How much time it takes to complete the assembly process did not tell us, but the constant optimization and work on the bugs allows Tesla to go to new, higher levels of production. And soon we will be able to see the entire model range of the company in Europe.

Also note, if the company does not have time to deliver its cars to customers who have previously bought cars, then it will itself cover the difference of $ 3,250. This was stated by Elon Musk on his Twitter.