Tesla showed ambitious pickup Cybertruck

Tesla showed ambitious pickup Cybertruck

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This electric novelty from Tesla has perhaps become the most talked about for all time. Dozens of renderings, hundreds of assumptions and the main intrigue that the developers carefully concealed.

The first Tesla electric pickup truck, bearing the sonorous name of Cybertruck, is finally presented. The public premiere of the news, intending to challenge the most popular car in the US – Ford F-150, was organized on a grand scale on November 21. The Cybertruck presentation, scheduled to begin at 8pm Pacific Time, was broadcast live. Externally, this model is more like an angular armored car from a science fiction film. The body of the electric pickup is made of ultra-rigid stainless steel. She, according to Elon Mask, not only does not scratch, but is also able to withstand shelling with 9 mm bullets. For doors, the same alloy is used as when creating SpaceX space rockets. Glasses are also armored, but during the presentation during the experiment with a metal ball, they still cracked. Musk promised to fix it.

 It is known that the brand is ready to offer customers immediately three modifications of Tesla Cybertruck: rear-wheel drive with one engine, with two engines and four-wheel drive and with three electric motors.

 The interior of the novelty is designed for six seats, and its towing capacity was estimated at one and a half tons. The power reserve of the electric pickup can vary from 400 to 800 kilometers, and it will gain the first 100 kph in less than 6.5 seconds. The budget Tesla Cybertruck will cost $ 39,900. But for the top three-engine electric pickup you have to pay $ 69,900. Cybertruck in this version will be put on the conveyor only in 2022. Serial production of Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled for late 2021. Pre-order for a new product can be issued on the official website of the company for $ 100.