Tesla sets new record for car shipments

Tesla sets new record for car shipments

October 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the brand informs about it.

According to published data, in the third quarter of this year, Tesla fully recovered from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and even set a new record for the production of electric cars. Thus, the brand’s report says that in the third quarter, 145,000 cars were produced, while 140,000 cars found their customers.

According to the forecasts of experts from Wall Street, the company’s sales were supposed to be about 120,000 cars. Interestingly, Tesla still doesn’t differentiate its electric car sales by model. According to the company, 16,992 Model S / X units and 128,044 Model 3 / Y units were sold between July and September.


It is noted that in the third quarter of last year, Tesla managed to sell about 97,000 cars – progress, as they say, is obvious. The second quarter of this year due to the restrictions introduced was not so rosy for the company – only 82,000 electric cars were produced.