Tesla Semi is close to mass production

Tesla Semi is close to mass production

July 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The imminent appearance of the Tesla Semi electric truck was reported by anonymous sources who are familiar with the state of the project

The Tesla Semi electric truck may well find serial implementation in the coming months, teslarati.com reports.

The first appearance of Semi took place several years ago. Since then, the car has been endlessly refined and tested extensively. Nevertheless, the start of mass production was delayed for two years. This is a completely understandable phenomenon, because Tesla cannot even fully meet the current demand for existing models with products. Marche is clearly not up to new large-scale projects.

But it looks like things have gotten off the ground. Several American publications at once received insider information about the imminent serial release of Semi. Let us remind you that back in March of this year, one of the investors shared information from one of the suppliers on his Twitter account. According to him, Tesla is already producing assemblies and components for a promising truck on an experimental basis.

Tesla itself added fuel to the fire, which posted new vacancies, which explicitly indicated that they needed workers for the Semi project.

The portal electrek.co assures that according to their sources inside the company, the plant in Nevada is already ready to produce some components of the truck. For example, the enterprise can already produce Semi drive axles.

At the same time, the main production line has been debugged at the moment, which may mean an early start in operation. Note, Elon Musk promised the debut of Tesla Semi before the end of 2021.