Tesla secures radiators with strips and electrical tape

Tesla secures radiators with strips and electrical tape

September 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla car owners have repeatedly received surprises from their own electric vehicles, the bumper will fall off, then the steering wheel. This time, it was surprising how the radiator was attached to the Tesla Model Y.

a photo was published on one of the thematic forums, in which it is noticeable that electrical tape and wooden blocks were used to fasten the radiator of an electric car. The author of the photo said that he decided to remove the casing under the hood and noticed the radiator so fixed.

On the Internet, they said that thanks to wood inserts, it is possible to reduce the voltage from the clamps that hold the cooling radiator. The decision is ambiguous, since there were no wooden inserts in the video reviews on the Model Y, plastic counterparts were installed instead.

It is possible that at a certain time the stocks of original components dried up, for this reason, the specialists of the American company were forced to resort to non-standard solutions, thanks to which it was possible to continue the production of electric vehicles. It is worth saying that fastening using wood inserts was found on most Model Ys.

In addition, it was previously reported that Consumer Reports has criticized Tesla’s autopilot. So, they encouraged those customers to think about who decided to buy an optional “complete” system for $ 8,000