Tesla Roadster becomes one of the fastest cars on the planet

Tesla Roadster becomes one of the fastest cars on the planet

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For the first 4-seat sporting electronic campaign of the Tesla company was shown as a prototype at the end of 2017. The manufacturer declares that the start will start from 2020 and that the Roadster will become the most quick-starting serial car.

Speed ​​of 100 km / h Tesla Roadster accumulates for an unbelievable 1.9 seconds. This is something unbelievable! Most hypercarpars are not able to prey on such rogue.

Literally a few hours back in the Internet there was a roller that provided this information.


The Tesla Roadster driver, who noticed what they started to take off, reduced the speed of the vehicle with the operator, and then pressed on the gas. What was more – look in the video:

The cost of the base version is just $ 50,000. The heat will already cost about $ 200 thousand. The declared maximum speed is 402 km / h. On one charge, the Roadster’s battery has a span of 1,046 km.