Tesla rival from Faraday Future will receive an incredible salon

Tesla rival from Faraday Future will receive an incredible salon

November 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The manufacturer decided to equip the luxurious interior of his new product with 11 screens at once, which created an amazing “space” effect.

The American company Faraday Future showed its ambitious model FF 91 three years ago. The machine from the EV segment never got onto the conveyor, and the brand itself continues to maintain intrigue. No specific dates are given, but new visual details appear on the Web from time to time. So, the company showed new images of the interior of the future news. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the abundance of displays. The manufacturer brought their number to eleven!

On the dashboard, two large screens are responsible for multimedia and passenger entertainment. Another display is placed high above the dashboard next to the steering wheel. There are also screens on the doors of the car. They integrate climate controls, sound zones, seat adjustment, etc. In turn, the 27-inch ultra-wide screen is lowered from the roof.

The rear seats are as comfortable as possible due to a tilt angle of 60 degrees. This is called “industry best” angles at the company. Faraday Future FF 91 seats receive the function of massage, heating and cooling, and are also adjustable immediately in 14 directions. The manufacturer even provided a “Spa” mode, which changes the lighting and sound. Another highlight of the new product is three modems at once. One of them is responsible for auto diagnostics and wireless updates, the remaining ones are in charge of entertainment. With their help, you can, for example, start streaming video on the go.

 It will not do without artificial intelligence with an abundance of sensors, cameras and useful software. So, with its help it will be possible to recognize faces and voices, as well as the weight of a person to individually adjust the seats. In general, if this electric crossover ever comes into production, it will be able to overshadow Tesla, its main competitor.