Tesla revised production schedule for Cybertruck electric pickup truck

Tesla revised production schedule for Cybertruck electric pickup truck

December 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Due to the increased desire of American Tesla customers to purchase a Cybertruck truck in two- and three-engine layouts, the company management revised the existing production schedule.

When Tesla began accepting preliminary applications for its new Cybertruck pickup truck, it was said that the most powerful version of the truck (with three electric motors) should go into production at the end of 2022, almost a year after the versions of the car with one and two electric motors. And I must say that since then much has changed.

If you go to the official website of the American automaker and try to pre-order Tesla Cybertruck, you can find only three- and two-engine truck layouts, the assembly of which should begin at the end of 2021. Thus, the production of the pickup version, which is equipped with only one engine and has only a rear axle drive, has been postponed until 2022.

A few days after Tesla presented its very shocking truck and started collecting deposits for it in the amount of $ 100 per copy, the company’s CEO Elon Musk wrote on his page on social networks Twitter that 41% of all received pre-orders, which at that time amounted to 146,000 units, were precisely for the pickup performance, which received three powerful electric motors. 42% chose the twin-engine Tesla Cybertruck, while only 17% chose a truck with one electric motor.

 A few days after that publication, Mr. Musk tweeted that the company received 250,000 pre-orders for electric pickups, which probably convinced the company’s management to revise the production schedule in order to first build more popular configurations. This will not harm two- and three-engine trucks — as with all-wheel drive — for $ 10,000 and $ 30,000, respectively, than for an entry-level single-engine truck, the cost of which starts at $ 39,900