Tesla requires 167 million dollars from a former employee

Tesla requires 167 million dollars from a former employee

December 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A former employee of Tesla, who reported on regular violations at work, could “answer” for his words with compensation in the amount of $ 167 million. The corporation filed a lawsuit demanding reimbursement of costs.

According to CNBC, Tesla is seeking a lawsuit against former employee Martin Tripp worth more than $ 167 million. Tripp worked at Gigafactory Tesla from October 2017 to June of this year. The automaker claims that Tripp stole records of his intellectual property and installed a virus on his computers.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that – “a former employee confessed to writing software that allowed the Tesla production operating system (” MOS “) to be hacked, and to transfer several gigabytes of Tesla data to external organizations.”

Despite the fact that the defendant acknowledged his actions, he does not agree with the wording. He calls himself an informant who has tried to uncover the shadow component of the company. According to him, Tesla installed a deliberately defective battery on Model 3 cars, and also violates the rules for storing hazardous waste.

The war of lawyers continues, and Tripp’s side is trying to “overthrow” Ilona Mask and another ten top managers, but the company is trying to prevent this and compensate for the estimated amount of damage due to the fall in the value of the shares.