Tesla remotely will deprive of fast charging the cars restored after road accident

Tesla remotely will deprive of fast charging the cars restored after road accident

February 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

So the company decided to fight the recovery of decommissioned cars

Tesla decided to take radical steps to prevent the recovery of cars that were decommissioned after an accident. Now the manufacturer will remotely disable fast charging systems both at branded stations, and at any others.

The company has long been struggling with used cars – for example, complicating the purchase of spare parts or not delivering software updates to such cars. Now Tesla has decided to take another, more radical step, which will significantly complicate the operation of the car.

As a source told Electrek, the company’s management sent a directive to employees that the fast charging feature on the Supercharger branded stations or on any other third-party is now permanently disabled on restored vehicles.

This letter also states that the company reserves the right to deactivate this feature on any vehicle that it considers unsafe. If the owner tries to trick the software and still bypass it to enable the fast charge function, Tesla promises to demand compensation.

For comparison, fast charging to the “full tank” of the Model S base sedan on the latest version of the third-generation Supercharger is only 50 minutes. To fully charge from a regular household outlet, the same car will need 29 hours.

California manufacturer closely monitors compliance with its own rules. For example, last week the company remotely disabled the autopilot feature on the Model S after the current owner bought it from a third-party dealer. The company said that the new owner did not pay for this option, and therefore does not have the right to use it.