Tesla Registered Cybertruck and CYBRTRK Names for Electric Pickup

Tesla Registered Cybertruck and CYBRTRK Names for Electric Pickup

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company of electric vehicles has filed an application with the US Patent Office for the registration of two trade names – Cybertruck and CYBRTRK. Moreover, the trademark even included the design of the inscription.

Elon Musk again did not deceive. Most recently, on Twitter, he named the future electric pickup Tesla Cybertruck, and now the company is registering this name. Of course, for sure we will only know on November 21 as part of the official debut of the model in Los Angeles.

The model will be produced along with Model S and Model 3, Model X and Model Y crossover SUVs, as well as the upcoming second-generation Roadster sports car. Like the “roadster”, the future pickup stands out from the motor line due to the long name.

 The main competitors with the future Tesla pickup will be the Ford F-150, as well as the electric Bollinger and Rivian. No power plant information yet. It can be expected that the car will receive a battery with a capacity of 100 to 120 kW * hours. Cruising range will be about 600 km.

Cost so far also remains behind the scenes, as well as the start date of production. It can be accurately noted that sales will begin in the United States, since a pickup truck is a product for Americans and an electric alternative to the best-selling car in the USA is the Ford F-150.