Tesla-powered Electraliner set a world speed record

Tesla-powered Electraliner set a world speed record

August 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The electric supercar, which was built by the Californian company, was able to demonstrate an average speed over a mile of 351 km / h.

As reported on Wednesday, August 26, Electraliner thus set a world record among cars in its class. However, the result was improved on the same day.

The races were held at the Bonneville Salt Lake according to the regulations of the reputable organization SCTA. According to the rules of races, the average speed of transport, which was shown at a distance of one mile (1.6 km), is taken into account, and the mile must be traveled twice – in both directions.

In the first qualifying run, Electraliner was able to achieve an average speed of 351.15 km / h. The last achievement in this class was established back in 1997 and was 342.9 km / h.

But the developers decided not to stop there and on that day they held the second race. This time the car drove the test mile at an average speed of 369.1 km / h, accelerating to 386 km / h.

What kind of power unit the Electraliner has is still unknown. At the same time, it is reported that it is equipped with motors from Tesla and original traction batteries.

In addition, the talented YouTube channel Indeterminate Design recently developed a fully functional concept of the racing drivetrain used in F1 cars using a 3D printer.